Fred Merrida has over ten years of personal raining experience. In more recent years, Fred built on his core skills to achieve a high level of expertise in performance, strength and core training as well as weight loss, balance and functionality. Fred offers both group and individual sessions, equally suited to all fitness levels. He has transferred his experience and passion for healthy living, into helping others achieve their personal goals.

Certifications: NASM CPT, NASM CES, AMFPT CPT, Dot Fit Supplement, Fitour Advanced Supplement, Fitour Group Training

Specializing in: Core, Function, Range-of-Motion, Weight Loss, and Strength Training


Beyond Health & Fitness Studio’s philosophy on fitness is one of overall health and well-being. Our aim is for you to feel better when you leave our studio than when you arrived that day. We can't guarantee to add years to your life, but we can promise to help you improve the quality of the years that you do live. We believe that fitness is a lifestyle and our purpose is to make you the best that you can be physically, spiritually, and mentally. We’re here to help you maximize your genetic potential for your overall health.

We focus on enhancing functionality, flexibility, range of motion, and pain-free everyday living — all within a safe, clean, private and professional environment.

Frederick Merrida